Where to Buy in Los Cabos and Its Surrounding Regions

Are you looking to invest in real estate but are still uncertain about the best location for you and your loved ones? Los Cabos is an outstanding investment destination with different options for every taste and budget. In what follows, Liliana Zapata, real estate professional at Los Cabos Sotheby's International Realty, offers her knowledge of different locations in the region to help you make a better choice. Whether you’re on the hunt for your permanent home or looking for a dream-like vacation residence to enjoy with your family and friends, Los Cabos and its surrounding regions are full of unique opportunities!

enter image description here Los Cabos provides a unique ocean lifestyle, highly coveted among luxury buyers around the world.

Let’s Start With Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas, simply known as Cabo, is a resort city located on the very tip of the Baja Peninsula. Here is where the famous rock formations known as Land’s End are found. This amazing rock arch was formed by the erosion of the wind and the waves hitting the rocks during thousands of years. Today, this stunning arch is one of the most iconic landmarks to visit in Cabo. You can’t leave Cabo without a photo of you at the Arch and there is no better way of getting this photo than aboard a luxury yacht. Among the many companies providing yacht charters, Pisces stands out as the most prestigious. Also, one of the most distinctive activities Cabo offers is sportfishing, which is excellent due to the town being located at the confluence of the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean. There are many world-class tournaments celebrated here every year, but the biggest one without a doubt is the Bisbee’s Black and Blue. Finally, it goes without saying that Cabo is great for fine dining and a vibrant nightlife. Music, nightclubs, bars, and fun and friendly people abound in Cabo.

enter image description here This luxurious, four-bedroom, turnkey penthouse is located in the exclusive development of Cascadas del Pedregal, which is only a short drive away from Cabo San Lucas' lively marina, fine restaurants, and vibrant nightlife. Available for sale.

Now Let’s Talk About San Jose del Cabo

There’s a lot of history and culture surrounding this quaint colonial town. One of the first peoples to live in San Jose del Cabo were the Pericues, known for being good fishermen, hunters, and gatherers. They had many skills, including using fire, crafting stones to make sharp arrow tips for their spears, and building boats. They were great sailors. This city, previously named “Puerto de San Bernabe” by Sebastian Vizcaino, gained significant importance because all the galleons coming from Asia knew about this safe spot where they could get fresh water. So, before continuing their trip all the way down to Acapulco, they would stop to fill up their reservoirs at the San Jose del Cabo estuary. The estuary was known as "Aguada Segura," meaning "safe water" in old Spanish. Today the estuary still has plenty of freshwater and is home to a plethora of different bird species. Another main attraction of San Jose del Cabo is its historic downtown area, housing art galleries and restaurants.

If you’re looking for a place with a more Mexican traditional style, where you can walk around the downtown area to explore all the beautiful old houses that have been turned into trendy art galleries, boutique stores, and great restaurants, San Jose is your best option. A few years back they started an amazing tradition called the Art Walk. Every Thursday during the high season, they close most of the streets in the downtown area. No cars allowed! Only people walking around, having a great time visiting all the galleries, which often have free tequila or wine tastings.

enter image description here San Jose's Art Walk is a lively and festive weekly event held every Thursday evening. Los Cabos Sotheby's International Realty hosts public exhibitions in support of local artists.

What’s Between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo?

The area connecting these two amazing towns is known as The Corridor, a 33-mile-long highway where you’ll find great investment opportunities, incredible hotels, and high-end golf Communities all along the way. You will also find many beautiful beaches, like Chileno Bay, where people love to go and spend the day. Furthermore, if you are into surfing you will be happy to know there are plenty of great surfing spots in this area. Costa Azul is one of them, where the Los Cabos Surf Open takes place every year. Another amazing annual event in the Corridor is the Los Cabos Tennis Open at the Solaz Sports Complex.

enter image description here Lot 9 is one of four lots in the second row location of The Cove, which will offer an exclusive golf experience and a beach club community along with a world-class resort in a way that is unprecedented in terms of developments in North America. Available for sale.

The East Cape

Up north from San Jose del Cabo, along the Sea of Cortez coastline, there is an important area known as the East Cape. This area is full of beautiful virgin beaches, surf breaks, fishing towns, and camping sites. A highlight is Cabo Pulmo, a national park with the most incredible snorkeling and scuba diving you’ll ever find. Also, kite surfing and other water sports are popular. Right now, there are many beautiful off-the-grid beachfront homes all around the East Cape, as a few years back this region started getting a lot of attention from different developers. They bought big pieces of land to take their projects there. Grupo Vidanta is one of them: they have an exciting project only 15 minutes north from San Jose del Cabo’s marina. Further north, there is a town called La Ribera that has become the home of The Four Seasons and Aman Hotel and Residences. Another well-known fishing town is Los Barriles. It used to be very quiet, but nowadays it gets a lot of attention. As you might already know, every year there is an important fishing tournament known as Los Barriles Off Shore fishing tournament there. So, if you are feeling adventurous and looking to get away from everything, investing in the East Cape is a great choice. It’s still being developed, so you can find many off-the-grid spots where you can get disconnected from all the city rush and relax. There are also many fully-serviced areas that are very tranquil, ideal for relaxing at the beach, surfing, snorkeling, horseback riding, visiting the local restaurants, hiking trails, and much more.

enter image description here Casa Lull Galloro is a stunning architectural masterpiece inspired by the world renowned Ricardo Legorreta. Its clean contemporary lines and open spaces magnificently capture sea breezes and Baja sunlight. Available for sale.

The Pacific Side

If you leave Cabo San Lucas in the direction of La Paz, one of the first areas you’ll find is Migriño. Keep going for about 40 minutes and you’ll get to Pescadero and Cerritos. These small towns are very tranquil. Not many people live there right now, but they have been growing for the past couple of years. They have a lot to offer, though. Turtle release (during the season), surf breaks, swimmable beach spots, areas to drive ATV’s, hiking trails, spas, and many farm to table restaurants. This last item must be emphasized. These locations have a long agricultural tradition, as they are located in spots where water flows down from the sierra. Thus, fresh produce is grown here, and modern chefs have taken notice, using these amazing fruits and vegetables to create delicious meals. Todos Santos is the largest of these towns. It houses the famous Hotel California, where “you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave." Todos Santos has a bohemian feel to it. Artists and writers from all around the world might find this place to be the best location to make it their permanent abode. If you’re looking for a tranquil space to build your dream home away from the city buzz, but still only minutes away from tourist areas, the Pacific side is also a great option.

enter image description here Casa San Pedro is a newly-constructed, two-story home in the heart of the historical town of Todos Santos. Available for sale.

La Paz: Connecting the East Cape With the Pacific Side

La Paz is a beautiful city full of history. It is on the Sea of Cortez and is the capital of Baja California Sur. The first people to live there were the Guaycuras, and they named it Airapi. But when the Spanish conquistadors got there, they renamed it to Santa Cruz Bay. The Spanish soon learned all about the pearls that could be found in the reefs. They thought they would find gold mines, which, coupled with all the pearls they were fishing out, would make them very rich. But after a few months they started struggling with the harsh weather and finally decided to leave. 60 years later another group of Spaniards under Sebastian Vizcaino’s command settled there for a few years: he was the one who renamed it La Paz. As you can already tell, if you are a history buff, La Paz has a lot to offer. Additionally, you’ll find beautiful beaches there and many water activities like snorkeling, diving, and fishing. A must while in La Paz is enjoying a beautiful sunset walking down the boardwalk. You can stop at one of the many great restaurants or cafes for a snack. There are also golf courses in the city, hiking and bike trails, and many more activities to enjoy.

enter image description here Casa Amanecer is located within the private community of Bahia de los Suenos. It is a haven for family and friends, a gathering place for enjoying all that Baja California Sur has to offer. Available for sale.

enter image description here

Liliana Zapata is a real estate professional at Los Cabos Sotheby’s International Realty. Her local knowledge gives her invaluable empathy for the feelings her clients experience during the buying and selling process. You can be sure she will be there all along the way. Liliana's know-how, attention to detail, and professionalism translates into effectively guiding her clients to find the perfect second home.

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